About Us

Welcome To SIMKAB

SIMKAB Electric is a small, well-experienced and powerful cable assembly company that was outsourced from SIEMENS in 2001.

At that time, business activities of SIMKAB started only with the telecommunication unit of SIEMENS Turkey. As of today, SIMKAB has been involved in business with more than 40 other OEMs (25% are well-known global companies) for 20 years. SIMKAB's activity areas are design and manufacturing of cable assemblies, and the company has continously expanded the product portfolio on cable assemblies since it's existence.

Currently, SIMKAB resides on a 3000 square meters to serve customers in a broad array of industries including enery, defense, cooling and automotive with 25 skilled employees.

Our Team

Ahmet CakmakGeneral Manager

Mechanical Engineer

Asim KapiciogluProduction Manager

Industrial Engineer

Kivanc CakmakSales Manager

Electrical Engineer